Spring Workout With Royals Saved Chen’s Career

It’s Business as Usual for Jeter at Yankees’ First Full Workout

“In 2009, I started getting all these injuries because I didn’t use my body for two years,” Chen said. “So I got a lat strain, my oblique, my knees — all these things I never had before, but I realized I hadn’t pitched in two years and these things were going to happen because my body’s readjusting again.” He resolved to turn things around. “When I look back on all of the stuff, people look at the Tommy John surgery as the turning point of my career. I don’t see that. I see the end of 2009 as the turning point of my career,” Chen said.
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Weekend-Proof Your Workout Plan

General Manager Brian Cashman believes much of spring training will be like this, spurred by the fans’ desire to get one last close-up with Jeter. “When somebody shows up here at Steinbrenner Field to watch a practice or a game and somebody sees Derek Jeter fielding a ground ball, they’re going to pay more attention than they ever have in the past because of the historic meaning behind this as the final year for one of the game’s greatest,” Cashman said. In typical hard-to-get style, Jeter shrugged off the mania, saying he noticed p90X3 review the signs and heard the screams, but hey, he’s used to it. “I see them.
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But on the weekends? That schedule usually goes from nailed down to nonexistent. On the weekends, I usually stay up longer, sleep in longer, eat at random times andI’ll admitskip a workout or two. Ack! While taking a rest day can be good for you, falling into a pattern of always skipping workouts on the weekends can impede your progress, slow your fitness gains and even throw you off your workout mojo.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.ajc.com/feed/lifestyles/weekend-proof-your-workout-plan/fYJcz/


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